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Vehicle Innovation

Driving New Ideas

At Enterprise Mobility, we embrace new vehicle technology. We’re helping to advance innovation and breakthroughs in mobility options as they come to market.


As a leader in the mobility industry, we’re already providing our customers with increasingly more dependable, efficient and sustainable choices. But that’s just the beginning. Discover how we’re tracking new ideas to advance mobility from the ground up while giving customers first-hand experiences with the latest in transportation technology.  

Electric Vehicles

Though electric vehicle (EV) adoption is still in its early phases, market shares and global demand for EVs are continuing to grow at a steady pace, and we are exploring strategic solutions to successfully execute electrification across our fleet.   

As a global mobility leader, we have not only embraced the transition to electrification, but we are also committed to doing so in a thoughtful way. At Enterprise Mobility, we’re tackling the complexities of transforming transportation head-on to put our customers first and work with others to purposefully invest in the infrastructure that will support the sustainable future we’re building together.  

Our business can play a unique role in introducing customers to EVs. Many use rental as an extended test drive with the chance to experience new vehicles and vehicle technologies. We are well-positioned to build consumer awareness and assist with understanding of the technology. Our vast vehicle rental and mobility lines offer an opportunity for market exposure.   

We’re taking a comprehensive approach to build a viable EV strategy. For example, EVs require a robust and well-considered infrastructure in order to generate value for everyone. That’s why we’re bringing together city, state and federal officials, as well as electric utilities, infrastructure providers and other partners to implement pilot plans in select markets based on localized customer demand, infrastructure and vehicle availability among other factors.

Electrifying Airport Ecosystems Study

Enterprise Mobility and Xcel Energy collaborated to explore the future electric power needs of U.S. airports and the industries that contribute to their ecosystems with the “Electrifying Airport Ecosystems Study.” The results of this study underscore the need for collaboration and partnership across industries to implement essential upgrades to airports’ power infrastructure to meet future operational, cargo and passenger needs. Click below to access the executive summary and full report of this collaborative study.

Connected Cars


A connected car is equipped with technology that is able to send specified vehicle data from a rental vehicle to Enterprise. By embracing this technology, we’re developing more seamless customer transactions.   

Technology in these vehicles allows us to streamline fuel level readings, odometer readings and other stats to eliminate the need for a representative to enter the vehicle. This makes the check-in and check-out process more efficient for customers.    

We have more than 450,000 connected cars in the United States, Canada and United Kingdom — with more on the horizon. As we continue to add connected cars into our fleet and introduce new technologies and features, the opportunities to bring enhanced experiences to our customers will be limitless.   

The future of connected cars will not only advance the driving experience, but also the entire transportation ecosystem.   

Autonomous Vehicles


There is incredible potential behind every innovation, which is why Enterprise Mobility is working with others to explore the benefits of new vehicle technologies. In particular, we are actively engaging with our partners in the mobility space to test and assess how autonomous vehicles (AVs) might create better experiences for everyone. Through these ongoing collaborations, we’re always finding ways to meaningfully harness new breakthroughs as they emerge, so we can provide these technologies to our customers. Stay tuned to see what’s ahead for all of us.


Virtual Car


Enterprise has been delivering mobility solutions where people live and work for more than six decades – and it will continue to do so. Forty years after our founding in 1957, Enterprise Rent-A-Car trademarked the term Virtual Car® as a way to capture the strength and energy of local car rental – whether it’s for an hour, day, week or longer. Enterprise featured the “Virtual Car” concept in a Toronto newspaper ad as early as 1997. Today, we innovate to quickly and efficiently introduce millions of drivers to new fuel and vehicle technologies. In addition to local car rental, our network of mobility solutions makes it possible to provide travel options to a wide range of consumers.

Electric Vehicle (EVs) FAQ: 

We buy electric vehicles from different manufactures and continue to work with a number of partners on this as the landscape continues to evolve quickly. Our current North American EV fleet includes vehicles from Tesla, Polestar, Nissan, Hyundai and Kia with others on the way. They are available in select locations.

Just like all rental vehicles, EV rates are determined by several supply and demand factors including location, dates of travel, length of rental and availability, as well as when the reservation was made. Rates are noted online where EVs are available. 

Customers can check availability and reserve an electric vehicle through Enterprise, National or Alamo by going online or calling to make a reservation. 

Customers are responsible for paying for their own charging while the vehicle is in their possession and access to public EV charging varies by market, as does the cost to use the chargers. Some charging stations are free and others have a higher cost, typically dependent on the charging speed. There are local charging networks that customers can connect with to assist them with finding and paying for charging while driving a rental EV [for example:]. This is a component of our overall ongoing research and learning to evaluate the EV landscape within our operations and to understand a long-term best practice that is best for our customers and our business. 

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